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No more sufferings for electricity, fuel from next month, hopes PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today expressed her optimism that people would not have to suffer much for electricity and fuel from the next month.

�Due to the war in Ukraine, it is difficult to buy fuel oil and procure gas. Not only our country, but also the UK, America, Germany - everywhere - they are looking at saving energy. . . So, we had to suffer for some days. Inshallah, there will be no more suffering from next month,� she said.

The premier expressed this optimism at a meeting of Awami League Advisory Council at her official residence Ganabhaban.

Urging everyone to maintain austerity, Sheikh Hasina, also the president of ruling Awami League, said, �I would tell all that they should exercise austerity in using oil and water. Be frugal, because there is economic recession all over the world. We are not free from its impact.�

Reiterating her call to increase production, she said, "I have called upon all of you that as we have land, so one inch of land should not be left vacant rather produce whatever you can, even at the rooftop gardens.�

Mentioning that the economic situation across the world is very bad, she said, �If we can increase our own production, we will never have to face famine in Bangladesh. This is the reality. We have to do it for ourselves.�

Stating that the production in the country is more than the requirement, the head of government said, �We are finding out ways� We have increased food production. We are producing more than what we need. We always keep more food in stock for emergencies so that the people of my country don�t suffer.�

Talking about providing free and low-cost food to people, she said, "We are buying all the things at a high price and providing those to people at a low price so that none suffers from food shortages."

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