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Now DU restricts campus entry

9 July 2018, 5:57:00

The authorities of Dhaka University (DU) issued an order prohibiting the movement of outsiders on the campus without the authorities’ permission.

“The university is only open to its students, outsiders can't stay, roam around and hold any activities on the campus without the permission of the Proctor,” said a DU press release on Monday.

The decision was made public four days after it was taken at a provost committee meeting on July 5. 

The provost committee decided to send notice to those who have been overstaying in the dormitories asking them leave the halls.

If they don't comply with the notice the authority will take steps against them, said the release. 

The provost committee also decided to take assistance from the law enforces to prevent staying of outsiders at halls or campus. 

The committee meeting also expressed their concern about the activities at some female halls and urged all to remain alert about the presence of extremists or militant groups at university dormitories.

Talking to UNB, DU proctor Prof Golam Rabbani said,” We took the decision to ensure students’ safety. Some people are trying to destabilize the university's academic atmosphere. We will do everything for ensuring students’ security and protecting peaceful environment on campus.”

In April, students of public and private universities across the country waged a strong movement demanding reforms in the quota system in recruitments to public services.

In the face of the movement, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced in parliament on April 11 the abolition of all types of quotas in public jobs.

As no gazette notification has so far been issued regarding the abolishment of the quota system as per the PM’s declaration, the quota reformists attempted to stage demonstrations at university campuses across the country, including Dhaka Univeristy, in the last few days which were foiled in attack allegedly by BCL activists.unb.


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