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‘Padma plotters should apologize’

12 February 2017, 7:27:26

Staff Correspondent:Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed on Sunday said the effort of stigmatizing the government making a plot of alleged corruption over Pardma Bridge has been proved to be bogus, fabricated and baseless.

He came up with the statements while delivering his special speech at the Annual Conference-2017 of Janata Bank in a city hotel as the chief guest.

Despite Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's repeated effort to convince the critics that no corruption had been taken place as no money was disbursed till then, they did not show respect of her speech, he said.

“As Sheikh Hasina was clear about 'no-corruption' in Padma Bridge project, she has decided to build the bridge with own resources,”

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He said although a section of people drummed up the corruption conspiracy, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina did not bow to the unethical job like her father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

“Names of former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Nobel Laureate Professor Mohammed Yunus have come up with the conspiracy while some people of our country also joined them on TV Talk Shows, but it has been proven false through the court verdict,” said Tofail, adding, “Now echoing Prime Minister's Adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy, I will say they should apologize.”

Terming banking sector as a sensitive sector, the minister requested to the general people of this sector to work with responsibility and professional manners.

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