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'Pak should hand over anyone of 195 prisoners of war'

29 March 2017, 4:56:41

Staff Reporter:Law minister Anisul Huq said in Dhaka on Wednesday that Bangladesh would demand that Pakistan should hand over anyone of 195 prisoners of war still alive to Bangladesh for trial on charges of genocide during 1971 Liberation War.

The minister made this remarks at a seminar on Genocide Day organised by Bangladesh Institute of International Strategic Studies.

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Bangladesh observed the Genocide Day on March 25 this year at home and abroad for the very first time commemorating the atrocities of Pakistani army on the unarmed Bengalis in 1971.

The parliament unanimously adopted a resolution on March 11, 2017 to observe the day which was subsequently endorsed by the cabinet.

The government issued a gazette notification in this regard on March 21.

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