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Peanut vendor’s story of learning English  

18 January 2017, 2:11:39

Staff Correspondent: Persistency can take a man to the edge of the door to progress. Sometimes, for this ‘persistency’, he or she has to float in deep river. His work is still small or large. Rather, it is matter of good luck to introduce him or herself as a better human being.

Mohammad Liaqat Ali. By profession, he is a peanut vendor. In spite of this, utilizing his persistency, he adopts special skills of fluency in learning English within 6 months. He can continue speak in English fluently with the foreigners and others.

When people walk on the road speaking English, he thought if he could speak in English. One day, he was telling about his dream loudly to himself. A RAB official scold and told him, ‘you can’t speak in English and whatever you are selling just sell.’

That time he told the Rab official that, he will do too and challenged him and told that within 6 months, he will adopt frequency. That Rab official took vendor’s address and threat him and told, if he fails to achieve the goal, will be punished. Then he starts his English learning season.

For that reason, it has been of interest to learn English, Liaquat Ali said.

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