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PM inspects flood situation in Sylhet, Netrokona, Sunamganj

21 June 2022, 11:21:23

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today inspected the flood situation in Sylhet, Sunamganj, Netrokona and adjacent areas.

The premier witnessed the flood situation for herself as the helicopter carrying her hovered over the affected areas maintaining the “low fly mode”.

Later, she landed at the Sylhet Osmani International Airport and then went to Sylhet Circuit house, where she is scheduled to hold a meeting with the divisional and district administration as well as local Awami League leaders.

The authorities earlier called out army troops to cooperate the civil administration in evacuating people or reaching support to marooned people while navy and air force units subsequently were summoned particularly in northeastern Sylhet region as it now appeared as a sea.

The government has allocated Taka 22.5 million cash, 400 metric tons of rice and 41,000 packets of dry and other foods as immediate humanitarian aid to deputy commissioners of flood-hit districts between 15 and 18 June, said a press release on Saturday.

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