4 women imprisoned without trial, attend in the HC  

16 January 2017, 2:04:32

Staff Correspondent: Four women prisoners remain in jail without trial for seven years has been at High Court. They are Razia Sultana from Gazipur, Rani alias Nupur from Mymensingh, Shehnaz Begum from Narayanganj and Sumi Akter Resgma.

They were brought from Kashimpur prison to High Court on Monday morning and have been appeared.

Their bail hearing will be held in the High Court bench headed by Justice Minister Obaidul Hasan after 11am.

Earlier, on November 30, why bail should not be granted for the four women prisoners- for this reason, the High Court issued a rule.

They were also ordered to appear in court. They have been imprisoned for more than seven years for all separate killing case.

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