OAS suspends Russia as permanent observer

22 April 2022, 9:29:01

The Organization of American States on Thursday suspended Russia as a permanent observer until it “ends its hostilities” and withdraws troops from Ukraine.

The regional bloc’s executive body, the Permanent Council, adopted the resolution with 25 votes in favor out of 34 active members. No votes were cast against the measure, while there were eight abstentions.

The resolution stated that the OAS was “immediately” suspending Russia until its “government ends its hostilities, withdraws all of its military forces and equipment from Ukraine’s internationally recognized borders and returns to the path of dialogue and diplomacy.”

If Moscow meets these criteria, it could be reinstated, according to the resolution.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said “the United States welcomes the adoption” of the resolution, adding that the “OAS action today sends a clear message to the Kremlin.”

“The overwhelming number of countries in the Americas called upon the Kremlin to end its unconscionable war of choice, withdraw its forces, and comply with international law,” Blinken said.

Russia has already been suspended from the United Nations Human Rights Council over its aggressions in Ukraine

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