PM greets Macron on reelection as French President

26 April 2022, 11:45:22

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today greeted Emmanuel Macron on his reelection as the President of the French Republic.
In a message to Macron, she said, “It is indeed an immense pleasure to convey my warmest congratulations on your victory in the recently held Presidential Elections.”

“Your re-election manifests the trust and confidence of the great French people that bare reposed in you and your initiatives and commitments to ensure their welfare and prosperity,” the Bangladesh premier said, adding: “The election, as you said, was a referendum for the European Union, secularism, and fraternity.”

Sheikh Hasina told Macron that she firmly believes the French people have given him the mandate to carry on with his values and vision.

“I trust, under your able stewardship, France will continue to serve as an essential player on the global stage beyond its role within the European Union,” she said.

The Bangladesh PM recalled the celebration of 50 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries, and expressed commitments to deepen and strengthen cooperation in diverse areas of shared interest.

“We count on France being on our side in our efforts to enhance trade, connectivity, and security cooperation with the European Union,” she said.

The Prime Minister added that she looks forward to working closely with him in advancing the countries’ shared priorities of combating climate change, preventing violent extremism, promoting regular migration, and ensuring gender equality.

She fondly recalled her visit to France in November last year and expressed deep gratitude for extending the gracious hospitality to her and her delegation.

Sheikh Hasina renewed her invitation to the reelected President of France to Bangladesh at his early convenience.

“I take this opportunity to recall your promise to visit Bangladesh if re-elected. Our Hon’ble President and I look forward to receiving you and your lady wife in Dhaka at your earliest convenience,” she wrote.

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