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Protests against Jubo League man’s killing creat traffic jam  

30 January 2017, 5:09:15

Staff Correspondent:Local Jubo League activists on Monday morning staged demonstrations at Norda in the city demanding immediate arrest and punishment of the killers of a Jubo League man creating severe traffic jams on different roads.

PThe protesters started demonstrations at about 11:30pm and continued it for 30 minutes, causing huge traffic gridlocks in Norda and its adjoining areas.

They left the roads when police assured them of capturing the murderers, said Sirajul Islam, officer-in-charge of Gulshan Police Station.

Earlier, Md Mainuddin, 40, a Jubo League activist of ward No 18, was beaten and stabbed to death on January 23.

On January 24, the victim’s mother filed a murder case but police could not yet arrest anyone in this connection.

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