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‘RAB is not responsible for the Seven-Murder’

20 January 2017, 5:17:55

Staff Correspondent: Director General of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) Benazir Ahmed on Friday said in a press briefing that the elite force as an agency is not liable for the crimes of recently convicted former officers in the seven-murder case. ‘RAB cannot take the responsibility for crimes committed in an individual capacity,’ he said.

In the much-awaited judgment 26 accused was convicted to death on Monday. The convicted includes sacked Rab officials Lt Col Tareque Sayeed Mohammad, Maj Arif Hossain and Lt Commander MM Rana have been sentenced to death and nine others awarded various jail terms on the charges of abducting and killing seven people of Narayanganj in 2014.

‘The accused officials were sacked from the force and arrested’ after the family of one victim accused them of committing the seven murders in exchange of money, Director General of the force told reporters while answering to a query in Rangpur city. He was distributing warm clothes to the poor on behalf of the elite force.

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