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Raushan sought blessings from all people for Ershad

30 June 2019, 2:05:13

Opposition Leader of the Opposition Raushan Ershad sought blessings from all the people for Jatiya Party’s Chairperson Hussein Muhammad Ershad under treatment.

Parliament Speaker Dr. In the chairmanship of President Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury, Rawshan Ershad took part in the discussion on the proposed budget for the fiscal year 2019-20 on Saturday (June 29th). At one point of the discussion, he prayed to everyone for the well-being of former President Ershad.

Opposition Leader Raushan Ershad said, HM Ershad is now very ill. However somewhat better. Therefore, we are mentally upset. Everyone will pray for him.

It is to be noted that on Wednesday at 9am, Japan Chairperson Hussein Muhammad Ershad was admitted to Dhaka Combined Military Hospital (CMH).

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