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Sabbir loses central contract

2 January 2018, 10:36:00

Sabbir Rahman will not be included in the central contract pool as punishment for assaulting a young fan during a National Cricket League game in Rajshahi last month.

In addition, the right-handed batsman was banned from domestic cricket for six months and also slapped with a heavy fine of Tk 20 lakh. BCB president Nazmul Hassan announced the penalties levied on Sabbir after the disciplinary committees' hearing yesterday.

Sabbir received Tk 2 lakh per month in 2017 as a centrally contracted Grade B player.

“We have the disciplinary committee recommendations but so far we did not take the final decision. But the recommendations I received were not insubstantial. First of all, he will be dropped from the central contract of 2018 — a contracted player gets a lot of money, there are only 14 of them. Along with that there was also a recommendation to fine him Tk 20 lakh cash as well as suspend him from domestic cricket for six months, which includes the Dhaka Premier League, so it's a huge financial loss. But yes, the committee has also recommended that this will be the last chance for the cricketer, which means they are even thinking of suspending him indefinitely,” Hassan told the media at his corporate office in Dhanmondi on Monday.

The BCB boss added that the sanctions will not be reduced and may even increase depending on discussions during the next directors' board meeting. They will then be immediately implemented.

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