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Siam selected for ‘Poramon 2’

26 September 2017, 8:54:00

Saimon and Mahia Mahi acted in Poramon which was directed by Zakir Hossain Raju in 2013.

A quiz competition was thrown on the social media in search of a hero for actress Puja Cherry’s ‘Poramon 2’, an upcoming Bangla film.

And the citizens on the net have chosen young TV actor Siam Ahmed to play his part against Puja, once a popular child actress.

However, he was awaiting the final nod from the producing house untill Monday evening when the owner of the Jazz Multimedia, Abdul Aziz, named Siam as the hero for their new venture ‘Poramon 2.’

The producer said the film will be directed by Raihan Rafi.

A 34-day shoot of the film will be held in Meherpur from 28 September.

‘Poramon 2’ is a sequel, following the first episode 'Poramon', a commercial film made in Dhaka.

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