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Six Bangladeshis wounded in Singapore

14 July 2017, 7:25:00

At least six Bangladeshi workers were wounded in Singapore as a newly-built overpass on one of country’s road and rail construction sites fall down on Friday.

Bangladesh High Commission in Singapore was working to make confirmed the identities of injured Bangladeshi workers, First Secretary (labour) Sabbir Ahmed told Bangladeshi reporters this afternoon.

According to a report in The Straits Times, Singapore’s Land Transport Authority temporarily stopped work at all of its road and rail construction sites as a precautionary measure, after a new viaduct being built collapsed on Friday morning, killing one worker and injuring 10 others.

The structure near the Pan-Island Expressway exit to Tampines Expressway fell down at around 3:30am.

Preliminary investigations showed that corbels – which had been put up to support the weight of pre-cast beams between two pillars – had collapsed.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force said that one worker – a 31-year-old Chinese national – was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics, while 10 others were taken to Changi General Hospital.

Six are Bangladeshis, one Indian and three Chinese nationals among the injured workers, said the LTA. Eight were admitted to hospital and two were discharged.

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