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Spain Ambassador to Bangladesh visited Beximco Industrial Park

3 April 2019, 7:22:00

H.E. Álvaro de Salas Giménez de Azcárate, Spain Ambassador to Bangladesh has visited Beximco Industrial Park yesterday. A.S.F. Rahman, Beximco Group Chairman and Syed Naved Husain, CEO & Group Director, Beximco cordilly welcomed him there.

The Spain Ambassador was very impressed by Beximcos Green, State of the art factories and beautiful 350 acre campus with a wildlife sanctuary and 40,000 employees working in a comfortable and healthy environment.

Furthermore, the Spain Ambassador was very pleased at the huge success of the BEXIMCO/GIZ collaboration to integrate people with disabilities into Beximcos work force.Beximco was keen on hiring disabled people and provided them mainstream employment on an equal basis. GIZ partnered with Beximco provided comprehensive technical support and training on how to design workplaces, develop required skills and provide motivational support for the disabled workers.

So far Beximco has employed more than 500 physically challenged people in their factories who are performing with dignity at the same standard as all other employees. Beximco's Apparel factories were selected as the Platinum Winner for inclusive Skill Development (Star Factory) in the Social and Environmental Excellence Award.


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