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Strengthen monitoring system to stop deceiving migration aspirants: PM

26 August 2019, 9:52:10

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today asked the authorities concerned to make the monitoring system stronger further along with conducting massive awareness campaign as the migration aspirants are not deceived anymore.

“We will have to make the monitoring system stronger further alongside creating massive awareness programme to stop cheating migration aspirants while going abroad,” she said while addressing the maiden meeting of the
National Steering Committee on migration held at the Prime Minister Office (PMO) here.

The prime minister said migrants are hugely contributing to making the country’s economy stronger by sending remittances.

She said, “There is an urgent need to cast a special eye as they (migrant workers) are not lost during any unusual time and it is our duty to look after their security and welfare because they are the citizens of our country.”

Around one crore Bangladeshi expatriates are now working in nearly 100 countries as they are sending remittance which is largely contributing to reducing the poverty and increasing reserve of foreign currency, she said.

She asked the authorities concerned to prepare a database of the migrant workers detailing their whereabouts abroad and work status.

Stressing the need for imparting the foreign job seekers with appropriate training on the particular jobs and languages, the prime minister said, “We can talk to the particular countries and arrange training jointly with the
concerned countries as we did in the past.”

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