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The Cosmic Window to the Life beyond Earth

15 February 2017, 8:38:48

Staff Correspondent: Two of the most enthralling questions we often ask ourselves is either whether there is life beyond Earth and are we alone in this massive and ever expanding Universe? Often it is through books, movies and TV programs that we learn about the possibilities of the existence of extraterrestrial life-forms. And with such possibilities our interest in alien life grows a little further. Even though it is mostly western countries that are actively involved in research concerning extraterrestrial life, despite their technological know-how, there is a great deal of academic as well as natural enthusiasm for the subject in Bangladesh as well concerning this remarkable subject. To reflect this, Bangladeshi writer Obaidur Rahman, in his recent book, “The Search For Extraterrestrial Life in The Universe”, attempts to answer the possibilities concerning extra-terrestrial life as easily understood scientific facts, based on the available information, historical research, spirituality and human understanding.

This book contains five chapters, which focus on a variety of wide-ranging issues such as:

1) Why life beyond earth is a strong scientific possibility.

2) The relationship between extra-terrestrial (E.T.) life and religion.

3) Ancient astronaut theories.

4) An analysis of UFO sightings.

5) The various stages of evolution of life on earth and their relationship with the evolution of alien life elsewhere in the Universe.

6) The possibilities of E.T life here in our solar system.

7) The possible earthlike planets beyond our solar system.

8) An overview of scientific research so far in the quest to find alien life-forms.

9) And finally, what to do if and when we meet beings from another planet.

At the same time, the book also briefly focuses on the study of the basic components of life in the Universe and how the Universe actually came into existence. Writer Obaidur Rahman, cleverly gathers various themes from subjects like physics, astronomy, biology, chemistry, history, religion, the theory of evolution and space research, in a very convincing manner, to present his thoughts on the strong possibility of extra-terrestrial life in the Universe and how natural it is for life to exist elsewhere, apart from our very own planet Earth.

With some fascinating insights, spell-binding information and logical analysis, the book explains various complex scientific terms and elements in a straightforward, easy to understand manner, and that is what will tempt the reader captivated by the thinking behind this book. The history of the Universe, the solar system, and the cosmos is clearly outlined, so that the reader finds it easy to relate with other factors like the evolution of life and how the Earth cannot be the only planet where life is present. This book aims to keep reader focused on the logic on the possibility of life beyond Earth and persuades the reader how normal this phenomenon is through the use of scientific examples and absolute academic logic. A large part of the book takes up the purely astronomical discussions about the possibilities of life in other planets after a discussion on our own planet’s biological history. The author lets the reader take a closer look at the conditions that allow life to rise in the form as we know it in our own solar system and elsewhere in the cosmos, including an in-depth discussion on some of the newly discovered exoplanets, which scientists believe are strong candidates to host extraterrestrial life. The book also discusses all the known scientific attempts made so far using radio signals and space probes to contact possible alien civilizations beyond our solar system. Obaidur Rahman’s book also touches upon pop-culture topics including UFO sightings, alien abductions, ancient astronaut theories plus other topics that are often associated with extraterrestrial research.

It is understood that the scientific search for E.T. life in the Universe only commenced a few decades ago, and since then scientists have been relentlessly searching the heavens for signals possibly generated by intelligent alien life. Even though scientists have not yet found anything conclusive that hasn’t halted man’s quest for an answer concerning this. In that regard, the book, in one of its later chapters, talks about the famous SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) program, which is aimed at, not just listening, but other projects as well such as beaming out transmissions of our own thoughts and perceptions in an attempt to communicate with extraterrestrial civilizations. The writer is thoroughly convinced that there really is life on other planets, and it is only a matter of time before we have firm evidence of this, and at the same time he also calls upon humanity to prepare itself to meet creatures from another, and possibly superior, extraterrestrial civilization.

Obaidur Rahman’s “The Search for Extraterrestrial life in The Universe” contains thorough and in-depth research on humanities quest to find an answer regarding the possibility of extraterrestrial life in the Universe. From Big Bang Theory to the evolution of life on Earth, this book discusses it all from the perspective of life beyond Earth. While many books in this field either concentrate solely on UFO sightings or in depth scientific analysis of life beyond Earth, this book is different. It is a wonderful collection of easily accessible scientific, as well as popular facts, on various topics and subjects concerning extraterrestrial research. The book is easy to read, the topics are easy to understand and by the end readers will be convinced of the reality of life elsewhere in the Universe.

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