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“The elections were held in a free and fair way”

1 January 2019, 12:31:13

Prime minnissster Sheikh Hasina said on monday “The elections were held in a free and fair way. Had any irregularities taken place in the polls, the Election Commission would have immediately suspended the voting,”

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday held the BNP responsible for its polls debacle.

“The BNP got seven seats in the election only because of them. There is no fault on our part,” she told foreign election observers and the media at the Gono Bhaban.

Hasina alleged that the BNP indulged in nomination trade and put its nominations on auction. Many competent BNP candidates who had good prospects of winning the polls were left out, she added.

“They had just indulged in trade while picking their candidates. What can you expect from them? That's the question. People gave their mandate in favour of us.”

She also took questions from the 11 observers and 40 journalists during the meeting at the Ganabhaban in Dhaka on Monday.

parliament in Sunday’s elections.

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