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 ‘This time no chance to question paper leak’  

30 January 2017, 8:50:37

Staff Correspondent: Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid said, upcoming examination will be held fairly and peacefully. So the question is not exposed in any way that’s why necessary measures have been taken. This time no chance to question paper leak.

He said in a meeting in the secretariat, held in the Ministry of Education, organized by National Monitoring Committee and Law and Order Committee on Monday.

Nurul Islam Nahid presided over the meeting.

In the meantime, for making the upcoming SSC examination, to make copy less, create positive environment, prevent question paper leak rumor, stop question supplies in facebook, measures were been discussed.

Minister said, all preparations have been taken to ensure fairness in the upcoming SSC. Measures have been taken to prevent all forms of question papers leak.

He added, question papers leak has been closed as a result of National Monitoring Committee. This year, no question paper leak, no rumor arose.

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