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Thousands of Bangladeshi workers go on strike in Kuwait

17 April 2017, 8:39:00

Bangladeshi workers went on strike demanding different facilities in Hasabia of Kuwait Sunday morning. Thousands of workers of two old companies like Oil-Al-Nasib and Fazr-Al-Khaliz went on strike as the companies are not paying the wages to the workers concerned for three months. Most of the workers are in jobless and they can find any job for them. This is because they have planned to go on strike.


As far as we knew from different sources, the migrant workers coming from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan have been suffering from many problems as the some companies of Kuwait have not paid salaries for three months. Moreover, The salaries they get from the owners are very minimal and they cannot afford themselves to survive in Kuwait. They have been suffering from clinical problems. The sufferings of migrant workers know no bounds.

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