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Twitter removes fake accounts from 4 countries, including Bangladesh

1 February 2019, 11:27:13

Twitter on Thursday said it has deleted thousands of fake accounts from Iran, Russia, Venezuela and Bangladesh. 

Besides, it released information about behaviour on the platform related to the 2018 US midterm elections.

Twitter’s Head of Site Integrity Yoel Roth wrote in its own blog post, “As noted last December, working with our industry peers we identified and suspended a very small number of accounts originating from Bangladesh for engaging in coordinated platform manipulation. The Tweets were entirely in Bengali and focused on regional political themes. All of these accounts and content are now part of the archive and can be investigated and reviewed by interested parties.”

Over 1,000 accounts located in Venezuela were engaged in a “state-backed influence campaign” targeting Venezuelans, the social media company wrote in a post on its website.

It also said it has “identified and suspended 2,617 additional malicious accounts” in Iran.

By last September, Twitter had taken down 3,843 accounts it linked to the Russian Internet Research Agency (IRA).

"Our ongoing efforts have uncovered an additional 418 accounts. We cannot render definitive attribution to the Russian Internet Research Agency (IRA) for these accounts, although most appear to originate in Russia," said Twitter.

It also said it removed 764 accounts located in Venezuela, where there was major political upheaval.

"Additionally, we have removed 1,196 accounts located in Venezuela which appear to be engaged in a state-backed influence campaign targeting domestic audiences," said the micro-blogging platform.Unb.


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