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Walton delivering free servicing to AC users

28 March 2019, 12:03:00

Walton Service Management System (WSMS), an ISO certified service center, started AC Servicing Campaign to deliver free and home based post sales services to the users of its air conditioners.

To enjoy the campaign, the users of Walton AC have to be registered through calling to this number 16267 within March 26 to 31. After this deadline, the service experts of Walton Service Management System will deliver free servicing to the registered AC users.

Under this campaign, the users will only enjoy free cleaning service. If any sorts of spare parts are needed, the users will have to bear the cost of such spare parts in accordance with the warranty policy.

Engineer Anisur Rahman Mallik said, the customers generally do not run their ACs during winter season. With the advent of summer, they again run their ACs. When the user run AC after a long pause, they may find some sorts of problems, he said adding, schedule servicing is needed in this case.

Most of the companies usually claim service charge from the customers for providing such schedule servicing of AC, he said.

Walton has launched AC Servicing Campaign aimed at deliver free schedule services to the users of its air conditioners across the country, he added. Under this campaign, he said they are providing free home services to their desired clients.

Under the nationwide ongoing Walton Digital Campaign Season 4, customers of 1-ton, 1.5 ton and 2 ton AC of Walton brand are likely to get Tk 14,600, Tk 18,000 and Tk 21,600 as one year electricity bill through registering their purchased AC. Customers are enjoying the offer from March 1.

In addition, customers can purchase Walton brand new ACs at 25 percent discount through exchanging any brands used ACs. The customer, who want to enjoy the offer, have to submit the old or used air conditioner of any brand to any Walton Plaza or branded outlet and then he/she will get 25 percent discount from the regular sales price of Walton AC that he/she wants to buy in exchange of. 
Moreover, all the customers of Walton ACs are now enjoying free installation facility.

The users of Walton brand AC are also enjoying six month replacement guaranty, 10 years guaranty on the compressor of inverter air conditioner, 36 months easy installment facility and swift post sales services through more than 70 service centers across the country.

Every air conditioner of Walton is released in the market after obtaining quality control certification from international standard testing lab NUSDAT-UTS.

Walton ACs are not only getting huge response from local customers but also being exported in various countries for the use of latest technology, accurate BTU and assurance of high quality, attractive designs, affordable prices and nationwide sales and service network.


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