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We have proven, we can: PM

2 October 2017, 3:10:00

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina beamed with exaltation and cheer at the first installation of a span on the country's biggest infrastructure Padma Bridge project and said, 'Yes, we've proved, we can."

"I'm very happy,' she said while exchanging views with leaders of Awami League and its front organisations, representing different state-chapters of the United States at Ritz Carlton Hotel yesterday evening.

The prime minister's Press Secretary Ihsanul Karim briefed the reporters after the meeting.

Defying doctors' advice for complete rest after surgery, the PM met her party leaders who were desperate to have a glimpse of their beloved leader.

Sheikh Hasina recalled her government's decision to finance the mega project from its own fund in the wake of hostilities and conspiracies from different powerful quarters including the World Bank that withdrew its loans from the Bridge on false and fictitious charge of corruption.

"It was a big challenge, a big decision of Bangladesh (to finance the project from its own fund) as it is linked with the image of the country," she said, Bangladesh could achieve anything it set its mind to.

“We, the Bengalee nation, fought and liberated the country. We can do whatever we want if we have the true will and determination.”

“We put people at the centre of politics, we do work for the people. And we’ve proved we can.”

The prime minister congratulated the Bangladeshi people, both at home and abroad, on the achievement and thanked everyone for their support for the project.

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